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Protect our children, Vote Ellen for Mayor!

Open Letter to San Franciscans!

March 23, 2024

Dear Fellow San Francisco Residents,

Are we truly living better than six years ago? If not, it's time for change. Despite increased tax revenue, our city has seen a rise in crime under the current administration. It's clear we need new leadership, new ideas, and a fresh approach to rebuild our beloved city.

As someone who ran for mayor six years ago, I, Ellen Lee Zhou, present three core promises and seven key initiatives aligned with our city's development.

Promise 1:
I pledge to reject binary thinking and embrace the principles of kindness and coexistence. As a Republican candidate, I'll champion policies that resonate with public opinion while also embracing effective measures from other parties. Let's strive for coexistence and progress.

Promise 2:
I commit to transparent oversight of taxpayer-funded projects. I'll support the efforts of non-profit organizations serving our citizens while addressing any shortcomings. My administration will ensure online transparency for all government projects, empowering citizens to hold public servants and public services accountable.

Promise 3:
I will mobilize our immigrant community to drive innovation and economic growth in sectors like AI, maritime industries, and aviation. My administration will focus on enhancing public safety, supporting families, improving education, fostering business growth, enhancing healthcare, and addressing housing challenges.

The focal point of this election is clear: We must change candidates and parties for a better San Francisco. Every taxpayer's voice matters. Do you agree?
Vote Ellen Lee Zhou for Mayor 2024!

Ellen Lee Zhou’s 2024 Mayoral Campaign Team

Q & A for San Francisco Voters?
1.  Do we have a homeless problem today?
2. How long has the homeless problem existed in SF?
3. If current politicians can NOT fix the homeless problem now, why do you think they will fix the homeless problem in 2025, 2026 or 2027 or any other time?  

Vote for common sense, vote Ellen Lee Zhou for Mayor! New Party! New Leader! New Mission! New Vision! New Action! Together, we will end homeless in San Francisco! We will
share the resources to help our children, youth, parents, workers, business and
those who needed support to live a qualify life!

Embrace Love for God, Life, Family, and Country

Champion the protection of our children and humanity;
Usher in God's presence in San Francisco.
Strive for a Safe and Clean San Francisco;
Put an end to illegal drugs in our city.

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Ellen Lee Zhou

About Ellen Lee Zhou

Ellen was born and raised in Taishan village as a Farmer in Canton, China. She legally immigrated to San Francisco with her family in 1986. Holding both a Bachelor's degree (1996) and a Master's degree (2003) in Social Work from San Francisco State University, Ellen served as a Behavioral Health Clinician for San Francisco Public Health from 2006 to 2022. In 2022, Ellen, along with hundreds of Christians and Catholics, were wrongfully terminated for not accepting an experimental covid19 drug. Passionate about community service, Ellen volunteers as a Family Social Worker and has been part of the An Appeal to Heaven Team, providing care to the homeless, sick, and lost on the streets since April 2019.

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