Endorsed: Ellen Lee Zhou, New San Francisco Mayor 2024

Francis Downing, Former Homeless

Idus Jones III, Former Homeless

Mike Kress, Advocate for Homeless

Travis F. Lewis, Homeless Street Ministries

Serge Bess, Singer for Homeless Church

Evan Prosser, Pastor for the Homeless Church

Marc Hillier, Pastor, heal the sick and the lost from addiction

David Sumrall, Founder of Stop Hate Awareness Program

Daniel Goodwyn, J6 Survival 

Zeke Layman, Owner of Power Politics (powerpolitics.com)

Audrey Leong, Retired CCSF public worker and SEIU121 Union Delegate

Mei Mei Zhu, CCSF, Wrongfully Terminated Unvaccinated Medical Worker

Pete Whitcom, CCSF, Wrongfully Terminated Unvaccinated Medical Worker

Wai K. Tom, City and County of San Francisco (CCSF) Retired Janitor

Steven Bailey, Retired Judge

Samuel Rocci, United State Army Veteran

David Lopez, Seal Team 8, Save Children and Victims from Human Trafficking

Scott Bennett, Bush Adm. Official / Former Army Officer& State Dept, Counter-terrorism


Meina Young, Small Property Owner

Eugene K Tom, Property Owner

Steven Rocci, Business Owner

Arlene Andrews, Grandma of Seven Grandchildren

Sandy Stein, Concerned Mother

Kristen Bird, Freedom Mother, Protect our Children

Robin Ellis, Outreach Coordinator

Hazel Amina, Public Educator

Nancy Githoitho, Community Advocate

Alison Wong, San Francisco Coalition for Good Neighborhoods

Rochelle Conner, Founder of God and Government

David Bryan, Senior Pastor, Church of Glad Tidings

Brian Carline, Pastor, Team Jesus

Dawn Pillow, Intercessor

Arthur Hodges III, pastor

Dran Reese, *President, The Salt & Light

Mike McClure, Senior Pastor, Calvary Church

Himawan Djuhana, Pasto, City Blessing Church

Dr. Meri Crouley, God is Mighty, Open Heaven Ministries

Kenny Rogers, Pastor, Sunset Bible Assembly of God

Jason Greenough, Crescent City Councilman

Paul Taylor, Nominee, U.S. Senate 2018

Christine Bish, 2024 Nominee, CA Congressional District 6

Manuel Noris-Barrera, 2024 Nominee Assembly District 17

Clinton Griess, Delegate of SFGOP Central Committee

Erika Kahl, SFGOP Alternate

Leslie Huang, SFGOP Delegate

Stephanie Jeong, Member of the SFGOP Central Committee

Rodney Leong, Vice Chair, Digital Media of SFGOP

Jacob Spangler, President, College Republican at SFSU

Alice Croft, Communication Director for SF Young Republican

Nanette Mickelsen, CAGOP – Associate Delegate

Hope Howell, CA Republican Party Delegate

Zonya Townsend, CA Republican Party Delegate

Mary Grove, President, Marin Republican Women Federated

Mindy Peehench, Alameda County Delegate

Ronald J. Meyer, Santa Clara County Delegate

Derrick Gates, Vice President of Central Republican Committee

Stephen Frank, Editor, California Political & View