Vote Ellen Lee Zhou on November 5, 2024


Our Mission is to Protect Children and Humanity. Let God arise in San Francisco and make San Francisco Safe and Clean!

Why Should You Vote Ellen for Mayor?

Ellen Lee Zhou, Master of Social Work

As your new San Francisco Mayor, I will

1. End slavery systems and human trafficking to protect children and humanity. (End homeless)

2. Let God Arise in government to cast out darkness and Make SF Safe and Clean!

3. Create a free market for landlords and tenants, win-win to help both parties.

4. New policies to benefit children, youth, students, parents, workers, residents and business.

5. Redistribute resources to end homeless scam, heal homeless and drug dealers /abusers.

6. Restore righteousness, hope and mercy to create a city with God’s love and hope.

7. Resist globalism agenda 2030, no to One World Order government. Our city, our choice. (www.stopworldcontrol.com)

8. Bring business back and create jobs to attract more tourists. (End homeless)

9. Enforce the U.S. Constitution to reduce criminal activities. (www.timetofreeamerica.com)

10. Full staff to each department ensure the quality of life for San Franciscans.

11. Will work with all other 17 elected officials to restore common senses policies. 

12. I will invite all candidates for November 2024 to work with my new administration.

13. I am the only mayoral candidate understand how government function inside and outside, how deep state actresses and actors corrupt our public tax dollars. I will fix these problems! Vote for me Ellen for Mayor on November 5, 2024. Thank you. Together, we will pay lower taxes and we will protect our future! Money back to people! Love, Joy and Peace to San Franciscans!

Ellen Lee Zhou’s Qualifications:

California Title IV E Family Welfare Worker to Protect Families (M.S.W.)

June 2018 San Francisco Mayoral Candidate, # 5 out 9 candidates

November 2019 San Francisco Mayoral Candidate, #2 out of 7 candidates.

2 terms San Francisco Civil Grand Jury 2014/2015 and 2016/2017.

Appointed by Supervisor David Campos, Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee 2016/2017.

55 years old with two adult children, traditional family and support personal choice of life style.

38 years, has been working and living in San Francisco.

31 years new born Christian. Love God, life and live a joyful life.

30 years, community activist to empower people to stand up and to speak up.

27 years, Family Social Worker serving clients from birth to 105 years old.

23 years, Sunday School Teacher for San Francisco Evangelical Free Church. Love God, love li

17 years, working with SFPD to fight crimes, 5 years with SFPD ALERT, graduated from the Community Police academy 2006. Member of International Police Association.

16 years, Behavioral Health Clinician with CCSF Public Health Dept.

15 years, SEIU1021 Union Steward for San Francisco Government Workers

7 years, Neighborhood Emergency Response Team Member (NERT), CCSF Fire Dept.

2.5 years with CCSF Human Services Agency.

MAGA Republican for Trump 2024. Revival America Team Member!

Love life with choice, pro-border, pro-legal immigration and pro-San Francisco first.

Love San Francisco and love America.

Lifetime member of Asian Pacific Islander Social Work Council.

Participant of Coalition Asian American Government Employee.

Former member of Morse Lodge 257.

Member of Team Jesus Global.

Member of An Appeal to Heaven.

Member of California Civil Grand Jury – SF Chapter.

Member of San Francisco Coalition for Good Neighborhoods.

Volunteer for the San Francisco Community Empowerment Center.

Why Ellen is running for Mayor?

I was born for such a time as this for San Francisco.  I've been a resident and worker here since 1986. Embracing Christianity in 1993 at San Francisco Evangelical Free Church, I was nominated for San Francisco Mayor by the Coalition for Good Neighborhoods in 2018 and 2019.

In 2024, I responded to God's call to stand for San Francisco, California, and our nation. Mission -- Vision -- Action!  It's time for God's Kingdom warriors to reclaim San Francisco and speak the TRUTH. "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7:14)." 

Returning to God is the SOLUTION to heal the homeless, transform drug dealers, revive criminals, remove career politicians, empower children and youth, and restore the lost and sick.

God is LOVE. He loves you, and I love you. Wishing you a blessed 2024!

Ellen's Background

Ellen was born and raised in Taishan village as a Farmer in Canton, China. She legally immigrated with her parents to San Francisco in 1986. She received her Bachelor's degree(1996) and Master's degree(2003) in Social Work from San Francisco State University.

Ellen worked as a Behavioral Health Clinician for San Francisco Public Health from 2006 to 2022. Ellen and many Christians and Catholics were wrongfully terminated in 2022 because they did not accept an experimental covid19 drug. Ellen has been a volunteer as a Family Social Worker, serving families, and Ellen has joined the An Appeal to Heaven Team to provide care to the homeless, the sick and the lost on the streets from April 2019 to present. 

Ellen has an extensive history of public service, having served two terms on the San Francisco Civil Grand Jury in 2014-2015 and 2016-2017. As a Union Steward for SEIU 1021, she represented San Francisco government employees from 2004 to the present. Ellen's commitment to civic engagement includes a term on the Pedestrian Safety Advisor Committee, eight years with the San Francisco Fire Department as a Neighborhood Emergency Response team member, and since July 2018, serving as the Director of Public Relations for the California Civil Grand Juror Association, San Francisco Chapter.

With a deep understanding of government functions, Ellen Lee Zhou is a candidate to watch. 

Ellen brings a wealth of community engagement to the table. She graduated from the Community Police Academy in 2006 and volunteered extensively until new restrictions were imposed. Ellen’s commitment to community service has been impacted by the policies of Mayor London Breed, who introduced restrictions such as requiring a vaccine card to volunteer or work for the San Francisco government. These limitations have affected individuals like Ellen who were previously active volunteers.

As a member of the International Police Association and Morse Lodge 257, Ellen has actively participated in various organizations. She holds a lifetime membership with the Asian Pacific Islander Social Worker Council and has been a member of the Coalition of Asian American Government Employees for many years. Ellen's dedication extends to her 25-year membership at the San Francisco Evangelical Free Church, where she taught Sunday School for over 23 years. As a mother of two adult children, Ellen has a deep understanding of the needs of families in San Francisco.