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The unfortunate reality from 2019 to the present is an increase in homelessness and deaths among drug abusers on the streets of San Francisco. There's a need to confront deep-state career politicians and challenge the impact of agenda 21 / 2030 on our city. Wake up San Francisco!  

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San Francisco's Homelessness Crisis: A Result of Flawed Policies
San Francisco program gives homeless people free booze. 
San Francisco audit finds severe problems and missing money at homeless nonprofit
Audit Finds San Francisco Homeless Housing Provider Misspent Taxpayer Money
San Francisco nonprofit meant to help unhoused community accused of fraud after $100K 'disappeared'
San Francisco homeless nonprofit was 'irresponsible' with $240 million of taxpayer money
The California Department of Justice only lists 199 named missing persons in San Francisco. But the city's police know of 1,264 more. Source:Courtesy California Department of Justice.

The San Francisco Homelessness Issue: A System Designed for Misuse of Public Funds by Career Politicians, Installed Through "Selection" Rather Than "Election," Lacking Godly Principles.


Questions arise: Who funds their presence in office? What accounts for the $8,000.00 per homeless person each month? Who profits from businesses related to homelessness? With a $14.8 billion annual budget, where do the funds flow? And where is the designated $1 billion annually for addressing homelessness?

Homelessness continues to grow in San Francisco
Frequent Vehicle Break-Ins in the City

Car break-ins are seemingly orchestrated, potentially linked to the agenda of Agenda 21 and the One World Order Government's Agenda 2030. The question lingers: Who comprises the market for these stolen goods?

 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.
- John 10:10
A Surge in Crime Rates

Crime drop is fake news, say businesses

May 29, 2024

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Crime rates are surging, potentially fueled by the influence of Agenda 21 and now Agenda 2030! Who yielded to criminals and endorsed police defunding?

                                                                                      Love manifests through actions!


San Francisco, renowned for its beauty, grapples with the impact of ultra-left politics. Condoning crimes, homelessness, marijuana use, and certain rituals has repercussions felt not only within the city but also across the Bay Area, California, and beyond. These challenges seep into families, schools, and society, akin to chronic viruses spreading across the nation.


If you observe numerous lightning patches this year, it signals widespread issues demanding attention. Inaction is not an option; addressing small problems is crucial to prevent an impending disaster, ensuring a clean and calm environment.


Effective policies benefit everyone, while flawed ones lead to lifelong protests or even affect future generations. A generation in the United States has experienced corruption and hardship, causing societal suffering. San Francisco, often considered the birthplace of extreme Democratic politics, serves as a hub for political forces and the origin of questionable policies in California and the Bay Area.


The current acting mayor of San Francisco has been lenient in releasing criminals since taking office, resulting in a continuous influx of malignant cases, putting everyone at risk. Recent decisions, like the ban on youth correctional institutions and efforts to please the homeless with initiatives like safe injection houses, have faced challenges. Despite substantial spending, the city experiences a 17% increase in crime rates. The allocation of funds, including significant government spending on each homeless individual, raises questions about where the money is truly going. Additionally, the neglected road conditions in San Francisco are evident, demanding overdue repairs.


Ellen Lee Zhou stands firm on principles, committed to truth, presenting facts, and resisting the influence of interest groups. Her impassioned speeches resonate with people. Despite her direct insight into San Francisco's issues as a social worker, it's puzzling that her perspectives aren't widely covered by the media. The question arises: when you're not a significant player, who bothers about your stance?


While she may not be affluent or wield great power, Ellen Lee Zhou possesses ambition and strength. May she, alongside the citizens of San Francisco, achieve significant change, taking on substantial challenges to rebuild a government truly for the people. Let's work together to revitalize San Francisco, thwart the encroachment of malevolent forces in California, and safeguard the rights that belong to all. Your support, whether through contributions or active participation in the campaign, not only benefits society but also secures a better future for yourself and the next generation. Remember, individual contributions are limited to $10 or $500, and couples can contribute up to $1000 (non-tax deductible). Join forces for positive change!

Gaining Insight into Drug Dealing in San Francisco

Your Heading

Gaining Insight into Drug Dealing in San Francisco: 130,000 YouTube Hits on SFPD Narcotics Officer Britt Elmore’s Exit Interview

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Legal Challenge Against the COVID-19 Hoax Heads to Court

50% of DEI Hires at Medical Center Found Incompetent

Do we really care what race or ethnicity our doctor or pilot is?
May 24, 2024

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More on How Technology Can Impair Human Biology

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May 20, 2024

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5G Cell Towers at Schools?

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With the Vaxxed, and Their Shedding on Unvaxxed, what is in our blood?

Self assembly microchips, polymer hydrogel and nanorobots

May 13, 2024

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May 21, 2024

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They've Contaminated Everything!

Not good. They found a way to get us all via toxic geoengineering of crops, animals, people who shed "As I have discussed many times, Pfizer in their study documents stated: if an unvaccinated man inhales the air around a vaccinated woman, that man can transfer the C19 shot to another unvaccinated woman. “

May 17, 2024

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Toxic Chemicals, Plastics the Primary Cause of Gender Confusion

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Microplastics in Us Alarming & Deadly

What we still can do to save our longevity?

May 25, 2024

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Another Japanese Study:  Our Global Blood Supply Now Contaminated & Most Unusable

Pray you do not not need blood or have an unvaxxed direct donor. Urgent action requested.

May 27, 2024

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Another Japanese Study:  Our Global Blood Supply Now Contaminated & Most Unusable

Pray you do not not need blood or have an unvaxxed direct donor. Urgent action requested.

May 27, 2024

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Top Japan Cancer Doc:  COVID Shots Are Murder
May 26, 2024

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Besides, It Was a Bacterial Pathogen They Created Anyway

That's why ivermectin worked so well.
Nov 13, 2023

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Detective Jeffrey Tucker's Expose of the Scamdemic

What Really Happened?

Saga of the Psy-Ops:  Lie, shift the blame, create a “solution”, demonize & discredit the truths, and make a fortune
May 22, 2024

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Five workers who alleged religious discrimination score win in legal battle
Sep 29, 2020
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Legal Challenge Against the COVID-19 Hoax Heads to Court

On Friday, 5 Jan. 2024, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) agreed to hear the case about whether Donald Trump is eligible for Colorado’s primary ballot. The same day, SCOTUS also began to discuss the merits of another, possibly much more important case: Dan Robert, et al. v. Lloyd J. Austin, III, Secretary of Defense, et al. (Robert v. Austin), filed by a legal team led by Andrew L. Schlafly, Todd Callender, David Wilson and Lisa McGee.
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A Short List of Pfizer COVID Vaccine Side Effects. 
Jan 18, 2024
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Autopsies confirm Covid-19 “Vaccines” cause Myocaditis and Death
Jan 23, 2024
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People Are WINNING Vaccine Mandate Lawsuits! w/ Dr. Pierre Kory
Jan 26, 2024
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Fear Unmasked: Discover the Truth About the Coronavirus Shutdown
Discovering the truth of the coronavirus shut down
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Top Peer Reviewed Study Calls for Global Ban on Covid Shots
Jan 31, 2024
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A Compilation of Hundreds of Celebrities Dead and Injured From the Vaxx
Jan 31, 2024
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mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Killed More People Than They Saved: Study
Feb 9, 2024
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Sue over San Francisco Discriminatory payments

Judicial Watch: San Francisco Taxpayers Sue over San Francisco Discriminatory Payments to ‘Black/Latinx’ Men (‘Transgender Women’)

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Lawsuit: San Francisco's race, identity-based 'guaranteed income' projects violate the Constitution

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Civil Rights Activists File Discrimination Lawsuit Against CA Program for Black Mothers

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San Francisco, Our Home by Chino Yang
Restore our city back to God

United as one Nation under God, let's awaken, San Franciscans! We are in a battle against Globalists. With divine assistance, in 2024, we'll reclaim our city for God. If God is on our side, who can stand against us? Returning to God is the essential step to restoring our beloved city!


Guided by God's love, we will reshape our culture into a city filled with love. Love emanates from God—God is LOVE. And, as the timeless truth goes, Love never fails!


With God, all things are possible! Voting Ellen Lee Zhou into office signifies a commitment to restoring law and order, safeguarding our children and humanity! Let God Arise in San Francisco!


An Appeal to Heaven

Every United States currency bears the phrase "In God
We Trust." To witness the revival of San Francisco, we must welcome God
back into our government, schools, children, youth, families, education, media,
business, churches, and every aspect of our existence. 

Indeed, God is love! He understands our needs before we articulate them. With God, all things are possible! Incorporating God into our daily lives enables us to resist the devil and work towards reviving San Francisco, ensuring the protection of our children and securing their future. Our nation's foundation rests on Biblical principles, teaching us the fundamental commandment to "love God and love your neighbor as yourself."


God is love, and if we genuinely love our neighbors as ourselves, the current plight of numerous homeless individuals and drug abusers suffering and dying on the streets should not persist. It's time for God's Kingdom people to rise, implementing God's authority to combat evil in San Francisco. Parents, stand up to protect our children! San Francisco, awaken to assert your rights – the right to live in a healthy and safe city. We, The People, established our government for the PEOPLE! It's time to reclaim control and redirect the power back to The PEOPLE, ensuring the government serves its citizens rather than abuses its authority.


Vote Ellen Lee Zhou on November 5, 2024, for San Francisco Mayor! Together, let's expel evil forces and protect our children from the grip of Satan and Satanic influences in our current government. We require leaders who are devoted to safeguarding our children, loving our nation, cherishing God, valuing life, nurturing San Francisco, and upholding our U.S. Constitution.


We require leaders with common sense to safeguard our God-given rights – the right to happiness, FREEDOM, and FREE SPEECH! FREEDOM originates from God, not the government. Vote Ellen Lee Zhou for Mayor in 2024! Together, let's reinstate law and order to shield our children and future generations. May God bless San Francisco!

An Appeal to Heaven Team

Ellen shares her views and needs how to revive San Francisco