Agenda 46 Clone
Vote Ellen Lee Zhou on November 5, 2024

Agenda 46

On November 5, 2024, by electing me as the 46th Mayor, we embark on a journey to reverse course, leaving behind misguided paths and restoring righteousness to our government. Together, we safeguard our children's future, empower the homeless towards independence, recognizing that we are all God's children. With leaders grounded in reverence for God and the U.S. Constitution, we pledge to rebuild our city. Reflecting on the Preamble, let's form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure tranquility, defend our common interests, promote general welfare, and secure liberty's blessings for ourselves and posterity. San Franciscans, it's time to awaken to our shared American values.


San Francisco, once a beacon of beauty, has faced challenges due to misguided policies influenced by globalist agendas like Agenda 21 and now 2030. These initiatives, veiled as a One World Order government, are deemed a crime against humanity and are not in the best interest of Americans or San Francisco. Examples include job mandates based on vaccination status and restrictions on dining without a vaccine card during the planned-demic ( We reject further deceit and assert our right to choose for our city. Let's welcome God back, restoring righteousness in leadership, fostering love for God, life, country, and ensuring compassionate treatment for the homeless. 

As the incoming mayor, I commit to transforming our city's culture by following God's guidance:


1. I aim to reclaim the seven pillars of San Francisco's culture – Family, education, media, religion, business, arts & entertainment, and government. Placing God at the center will lead to a revitalized San Francisco. Drug dealers will find redemption and shift their paths to serve God. The homeless will experience renewal, and career politicians tied to Agenda 2030 will break free from globalist influences.


2. I will rectify the unjust termination of government employees who chose not to be vaccinated. Recognizing the unique strengths and talents inherent in each San Franciscan, inspired by the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit, we acknowledge that God knows us before our birth. Let's join forces, inviting God to collaborate with us in restoring love to our families and society. In this shared pursuit, guided by unity, we affirm that God's love prevails, transcending race and differences to rebuild a city rooted in divine love.


3. Collaborating with individuals grounded in faith, hope, and love, I aspire to establish a comprehensive five-fold ministry dedicated to rekindling love among San Franciscans. This inclusive effort welcomes participation from public and private workers, educators, clergy, students, parents, and anyone seeking a higher quality of life. I extend an invitation to all freedom seekers to join hands in restoring righteousness to our city.


4. To empower every San Franciscan, I will initiate a People Government, identifying and leveraging the wisdom, knowledge, and abilities within our diverse community to restore a life in alignment with God's intentions. With a substantial budget at our disposal, we can create a healthier and safer city for all, where God's love reshapes our culture into one defined by compassion and care.


5. Upholding the U.S. Constitution, I will actively remove criminals from our streets. Collaboratively, we'll optimize the allocation of tax dollars, prioritizing support for San Francisco's children, youth, parents, workers, businesses, and public charity projects, including affordable housing initiatives for families.


6. I am dedicated to reinstating the true purpose of our government – fostering the general welfare for a thriving economy. This entails safeguarding freedom, liberty, and justice for law-abiding citizens. Our vision is clear: a city shaped by good people working together to create a positive environment. Individuals with malicious intent and criminals are unwelcome in our community.

In 2016, I delved into the corruption within San Francisco's government, uncovering how certain leaders had tainted public systems. Seeking solace, I turned to prayer, seeking guidance to find peace amidst my discoveries.


In 2017, alongside fellow God-fearing San Franciscans, I stood against the proliferation of illegal drugs in every neighborhood, orchestrated by deep-state politicians. Using my personal vacation time, I actively participated in public hearings, bridging the gap between residents and the government to ensure a voice for the people.


In 2018, the San Francisco Coalition of Good Neighborhoods nominated me to run for Mayor across all 11 districts. My mission was clear: to combat illegal drugs endorsed by deep-state politicians and steadfastly protect the well-being of children, youth, and families.


Renominated in 2019, my focus remained on making San Francisco Safe and Clean. I advocated for cleansing City Hall and addressing issues like human trafficking and homelessness. Despite facing the illegal removal of campaign materials, including billboards, my message resonated, securing the second position in the election. With faith as my guide, I persevered against adversity.


In 2020, amidst staffing shortages, I worked as a Behavioral Health Clinician for San Francisco Public Health. Alongside dedicated colleagues, we resisted internal tyranny, exposing deceit about the planned-demic, COVID-19 tests, and vaccinations to ensure transparency for the public.


From 2021 to 2022, I raised concerns and provided reports about Mayor London Breed's involvement in a global One World Order government that intentionally harmed San Francisco. Unfortunately, I faced wrongful termination from my position at San Francisco Public Health on September 22, 2022. Alongside 1,168 Christians and Catholics, I was dismissed for refusing to endorse the lies propagated by some San Francisco leaders and politicians, connected to the deceptive Agenda 21—a crime against humanity (learn more at Agenda 21 and agenda 2030 are seen as mechanisms for depopulation control. I advocate for medical choice as an option, not a mandate (learn more at


In 2023, I persisted in standing between mankind and God, pleading for mercy on San Francisco. I prayed for angelic intervention to rescue the homeless from human trafficking and shield families from drug dealers. Over the past four years, the heartbreaking reality is that more than 1,500 people have lost their lives annually on San Francisco streets. Each life holds value to God, and I believe that only God can guide the transformation of those who have gone astray.


In 2024, I've heeded God's call, backed by Kingdom intercessors and the Holy Spirit, to run for San Francisco Mayor. My responsibility as Mayor is to reintroduce God into our government, letting it rest upon His shoulders. I urge you to stand with me in this pursuit, welcoming God's presence in San Francisco: LET GOD ARISE IN SAN FRANCISCO! As the Bible declares, we, God's people, are the head, not the tail. As Kingdom leaders, we possess the authority to guide our society towards righteousness. It's time for Kingdom warriors to rise, protecting God's children and families. Vote Ellen Lee Zhou for Mayor, and together, let's usher in a new era of God's influence in our city!


Support Ellen Lee Zhou by casting your vote on November 5, 2024. Together, let's transform our culture with the enduring love of God—love that always protects. Our mission is clear: Protect our children and humanity, and welcome God's presence to Arise in San Francisco!

With God and your support, together, we will:


- Make San Francisco Clean Again!

- Make San Francisco Safe Again!

- Make San Francisco Healthy Again!

- Make San Francisco Proud Again!

- Make San Francisco Wealthy Again!

- Make San Francisco Great Again!


Let's endeavor to Make San Francisco Holy Again! Explore the rich history of San Francisco through Saint Francis: [San Francisco History](


Remember, San Francisco belongs to its residents, not globalists! It belongs to God, not Satan! Returning to God is the essential solution for restoring happiness, liberty, and justice for all. We, THE PEOPLE, have the RIGHT to live in a healthy and safe city. Vote Ellen Lee Zhou for Mayor!

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